Glitter Hands

About Us

Well, it is pretty simple.

We love

Handmade Products
Rave Outfits and Festival Clothing
Everything that Sparkles and Shines
Crystals and All Things Minerals
Spreading Good Energy 
Dancing All Day

We know

Movement = happiness. 
Music is a perfect therapy. It is great for your health. 
Being around positivity can be contagious. 
Empathy is essential to a great culture. 
Festival cultures have an amazing amount of empathetic people. 

    We hope 

    That more businesses start to give back to communities.
    To spread love and creative ideas. 
    To make people believe in their art, love, and passion. 
    That our customers are happy and enjoy our products. 

    Thanks for your support!


    Our Team

    Andy (Designer & Lover)

    About Me:

    I have been creating my own festival outfits since my first EDC in LA. I love art and music so festivals are my utopia. It is the best feeling to dance the night away with amazing people. I have a degree in psychology and a minor in dance. 
    I went to my first burning man last year (2017) and it was the best thing ever. I decided I wanted to do something creative and pursue passions. I do know that the photo above is in a car but my hair looks so colorful and amazing in it!!


    Other Things About Me:

    I love dogs.
    I am a dancer.
    I enjoy being outside.
    Glitter is obviously perfect! 
    I love meeting all people. 
    I love holographic, unicorns, colors, and everything sparkly. 
    I appreciate all the positive people in my life. 
    Growing up I was super shy. (I still am sometimes, shhhh)


     Booty Pink